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CPAS Church Leadership Magazine

These articles were originally published in the CPAS's Church Leadership Magazine.

Oasis series

  • Issue 64, Autumn 2007
  • We’ve probably sung `O Little Town of Bethlehem’ more times than we care to remember, and soon we’ll be doing so again. We may be able to sing the familiar words on auto-pilot, but Pamela Evans points out that to do so would be missing an opportunity...

  • Issue 61, Autumn 2006
  • ‘Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.’ (Matthew 11:28)
    We have heard these 'comfortable words' of Jesus many times - during the Communion Service and on other occasions. They tell us that God understands the pressures we face; that Jesus is willing to come alongside and share the load. But, asks Pamela Evans, are we right to find them so reassuring?

  • Issue 55, Autumn 2004
  • Life in leadership is a series of ups and downs – not a very profound observation. But maybe it’s worth noting that eight out of ten mountaineering disasters occur on the descent – the part the follows the success of the summit. Dr Pamela Evans offers a perceptive reflection on a prophet’s post-mountain top problems.

Leading on a Building Site

  • Issue 49, Autumn 2002 - Leading on a building site
  • A building site is a busy place. Dynamic, exciting and possibly a wee bit hazardous. Tidy? Probably not. Dr Pamela Evans dons her hard hat and goes on-site to ponder local-church leadership that’s prepared to go beyond the ‘comfort zone’