Pamela Evans' Books

Pamela Evans is the author of Driven Beyond the Call of God: discovering the rhythms of grace (BRF 1999) and Building the Body: transforming relationships in the local church (BRF 2002).

These books are becoming more difficult to find. If your local bookshop is unable to help, copies may be obtained from Tonbridge Christian Book Centre. For general enquiries, please telephone 07779 578 749.

Driven Beyond the Call of God

ISBN: 1841010545

Driven Beyond The Call of God

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The Gospel is "Good News", but "church" can sometimes be very bad news indeed. A workaholic pace can leave men and women either burned out or so absorbed in the process of serving God that they lose sight of him altogether. We all need to discover the rhythms of God's grace, and this book aims to help with that process. A study section for individual or group use encourages reflection on pace, direction and motivation, and points towards a healthier style of discipleship.

Building the Body

ISBN: 1841011932

Building the Body

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The Body of Christ - the Church - needs to be fully functioning in order to reach out in his name to a lost and fragmented world. New Testament letters sent to young churches exhorted ordinary members to love, admonish and teach one another, and generally to build each other up. This book is for those who want to develop relationships of mutual encouragement and healthy interdependence, under the direction of the Holy Spirit. A study section offers the opportunity of joining with others to explore what this might look like in practice.


Shaping the Heart: reflections on spiritual formation and fruitfulness
(ISBN: 9781841017266) Published on October 21st 2011.